7 Mystery Actions To an Extraordinary Life

I hope to expound further on each of these points, but here is a general idea to start with.  If you can do these 7 simple steps, I guarantee your life will change DRASTICALLY!

  1. Invest the Dawn.  By dawn, I mean the dawning of the day.  Here is how you invest it.
    • wake up on purpose – before your alarm, before you need to
    • quietness – inner reflection, focus on personal goals
    • speak out loud what you want to be in present tense and picture it
    • exercise (30 minutes) This helps brain function – If you want, you can listen to self help while exercising
  2. Schedule 90 minute blocks daily of uninterrupted/undistracted time for business or passion – turn off email, facebook, other social media, texts, your ringer, put a “do not disturb” sign on your door – FOCUS
  3. Every 30 days challenge yourself to one personal habit change (master 12 habits per year)
  4. Work 6 days, rest one
  5. Eat a balanced, healthy diet –
  6. Start the next day before bed
    • write in your gratitude journal
    • plan for the next day
    • read 5 pages of an inspirational book to end your day
  7. Live each moment to the fullest.  Don’t waste your moments with too much technology, or with worrying, complaining, and arguing.  Fill them up with pleasant memories!