The Power of Frequencies

Every. Single. Thing. around you is made up of frequencies.

Wood, metal, glass, water, living things, sound, light, clothing, thoughts, words… Everything.

Why do we need to know this? Because those frequencies are affecting you.

Electronics produce harmful frequencies that can make you feel uneasy, stressed and anxious.

Rain and waterfalls, on the other hand, produce healing frequencies that are calming.

There are many ways to shield or protect your body from the frequencies that affect you negatively.

1. One way is to wear materials that have strong positive frequencies. Linen and wool are two of those materials. However, never wear them together because they move in opposite directions and could cancel each other out. These fabrics can also be used as window coverings and bed linens to promote a more restful sleep.

2. Another idea is to buy protective shields for your home, your body, your devices and more. We have several of these that we wear and keep near the places that we use our devices on a regular basis.

3. Sound can be extremely beneficial for healing with frequencies, as can light, specifically lasers designed for this purpose.

4. Using an ionic rock as a candle holder can release the good frequencies into the air and help protect you.

5. Beeswax candles produce positive frequencies when you burn them.

Read this article for a scientific study on this subject:

These are just a few things to try. Let us know which ones you try and share the results!